Club News

Good News

The club has had its field assessed and we can now shoot up to 100 yards again all from the front shooting line. The back shooting line has gone. The committee has looked at the currant safety rules for the club and they are being reviewed and as soon as they are complete everybody will get a copy to read and say they have read and understood them. Richard will not tolerate any more arrows being shot over the bank.

  • Before you can shoot at the 80-100 yards (70-90 metres) then you must have shot 3 second class rounds. (unless its an organised club shoot)
  • If you are unclassified or no handicap then the max you can shoot is 50 yards (40 metres)
  • If 2 or more archers are shooting then the most senior Archer will be field captain (senior in terms of classification or handicap)
  • All arrows must have your name or initials on them

These are just a couple that have been discussed. By the time you get your 2nd class you should have the experience and knowledge of shooting for the 80+ targets. The club has to get tough on safety breaches so it was decided any body who puts an arrow over the bank will have his membership terminated


Glynn (longbow rep) asked if clout could be put back on for 1 Saturday a month to start and if more people get interested then maybe adding another Saturday a month to it. Clout is back on for all bow types on the first Saturday afternoon of the month. Glynn also said that if animals were in the field then it would be canceled also if a member is shooting on the targets and he is in the middle of a scoring round he will be given time to finish. I spoke to Richard and he will do his best to make sure the fields have no animals in them on the given Saturday. I also asked him that during the winter months when the camp site is empty could they go up into the camp site which has plenty of room and shoot a 2 way 180 yard clout. Richard said as long as the campsite is empty, No arrows are left up there and the longbow rep lets him know he can't see that being a problem. The camp site should be empty from beginning of November-March but there is no guarantee to that so it will be up to someone having a look Saturday dinner time


The committee also agreed that at the beginning of a new year what ever classification you achieved stays. All we ask is you achieve the classification again shooting at the targets required at the earliest opportunity. As i get more information on this i will post it as soon as i can


 Beginners Courses

As numbers are low at this time of the year you don't need to book in. You can turn up any Saturday or Sunday about 10 mins before the sessions start. On a Saturday the session is 10:00-12:00 and a Sunday they are 13:00-15:00 and see 1 of the coaches and they will set you up. The coaches on a Saturday are Ian, Chris or Jess and on a Sunday it is Jon. 



Sunday 3rd September

Just an update on this mornings AWA challenge.


6 of us braved the inclement conditions, but we weren’t going to let a bit of wind and rain stop us, so having decided on the format of

the challenge, we agreed we would shoot 6 dozen arrows and whoever was closest to that annoying little cross in the centre of the gold would obviously take the title.

So up we stepped (Jayne Shaw and I had to share the club bow) to shoot the first 3 arrows.

Jayne on her very first arrow dissected the 10 ring so we knew the standard was set, and all we had to do within the next 5 and half dozen arrows was to get closer to that little cross,

which proved a lot harder than it looked and after the 12th end Jayne was still the closest and so takes this year’s title. Congratulations to Jayne Shaw.


Thanks to those who turned up. we ended the morning a little cold and damp but all enjoyed the occasion.