Six Week Course

The Six-Week Course may be offered to give prospective members a chance to develop their archery skills and decide whether it is a sport they wish to continue with.The Course consists of six 2-hour sessions at the Club’s archery field. The sessions will probably be spaced out over a number of weeks, by arrangement with the Club’s coaches.Wear clothing appropriate to the weather so that you are warm and dry. Avoid wearing clothing that will obstruct the arrow, i.e. voluminous layers on arms and chest, and secure long hair. The field and car park can be muddy, so wear appropriate footwear. Arrows on the ground can be a hazard so open-toed shoes are not suitable.You will be loaned a bow, arrows and other essential equipment to use at these sessions. It may be necessary to share equipment with other new archers. You will be taught the names of pieces of equipment and shown how equipment, including targets, is assembled.Archery equipment can be dangerous if used incorrectly and you will be expected to learn and comply with the safety rules, and take responsibility for the safety of everyone around them. You need to comply with instructions and advice given by Club officials.

Instruction will be given in the basic techniques of target archery and you will practice these intensively. While some of the instruction will be 1 to 1, particularly at the start, you will be encouraged to monitor your own performance and development without constant supervision, and to seek advice on difficulties. Coaches will observe progress and make suggestions for improvement.

Initially, you will be taught to shoot without a sight, at a short distance from the target. As you improve, a sight will be introduced and the distance from the target will be increased.

Please arrive in time for the start of the session (normally 10.00 a.m). It is appreciated if you can help with preparing targets and targets faces, and getting your equipment from the store.

You are advised not to buy a bow or arrows until the course is complete. Club officials and members can give advice on the choice of equipment. However, you can start to assess what is available: some well known suppliers can be found on the internet, e.g. Wales Archery, Bowsports, Perris Archery, Archery World, Quicks Archery.